Laura & Rocky

 I  absolutely can’t thank you enough for everything that you have done for  us. Your advice was always right on, and knowing you were on top of the  wedding planning allowed me to focus on fun with my family. When  hurricane Irene hit you immediately helped us to move forward and  presented us with so many options. The wedding day was absolutely  perfect – so many people told us it was the best wedding ever! All of  your recommendations were right on and you also gave us the freedom to  make our own wacky choices. You are the best and we couldn’t have done  it without you!

Kate & Dorman Miner

 Thank  you for all your help and assistance with Dorman and I’s wedding. All  agreed it was a wonderful event that our family and friends are STILL  talking about. We so appreciate all your hard work and expertise to make  this such a momentous and special time in our life. It is a beautiful  memory that we will cherish forever. Thank you for helping to make our  dream a reality.

Steve & Christene Mitchell

You  made my wedding day so wonderful. I dreamed, but never thought my  wedding day could be so beautiful and so relaxing at the same time.  Thank you for everything!

Barbara Lopez

I want to thank you for a spectacular job you did with Kelsey’s wedding.  Everything went so smoothly when it could have been a nightmare. We will  always remember the tide coming in with delight. Thank you so much  again for a truly memorable day.

Susan & Bob Scott

I cannot thank you enough for the time, attention and support you  invested in Hillary and Eric’s wedding. You did a fantastic job and I  doubt I would have been able to get through it with out your support.  You are a true professional who solved the glitches in a diplomatic and  invisible manner. I can’t thank you enough.